Motivating Employees With Noncash Rewards

Money isn’t everything to employees. Noncash rewards from a simple pat on the back, to a day off from work, to a special celebration event can provide meaningful recognition for achievement and effective incentives for performance. At a time when merit budgets are tight, creativity with noncash rewards is particularly useful.

Mae Lon Ding, is one of the top speakers in the area of compensation and performance management. She will show you how companies are using noncash employee rewards. She will also facilitate a sharing of ideas between attendees.

Topics covered will include:

  • ┬áResearch data on how employees view noncash rewards
  • Great ideas from other companies
  • How to encourage informal noncash recognition practices
  • How to develop formal noncash reward programs
  • What’s wrong with the “Employee of the Month/Year” program
  • How to maximize effectiveness of noncash awards

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Mae Lon Ding - Personnel SystemsPersonnel Systems Associates provides consulting services in the design of employee compensation, employee productivity improvement, performance appraisal, and personnel management policy and practice. Ms. Ding can serve as arbitrator in legal cases involving employment discrimination, employee overtime pay, employee wage and benefit loss, pay discrimination, employment opportunity/labor market analysis, and reasonable compensation.