Employee Compensation, Performance & Human Resource Management Consultants

Employee Compensation, Performance & Human Resource Management Consultants

What We Do

Your compensation and performance practices can work for you, or against you. We can help you to attract the right workforce and improve employee productivity by designing compensation and performance management plans, training, and coaching that supports the business strategy.

Compensation Design

Pay Strategy – determine the right compensation elements to align pay with business needs.

Executive – bonus, equity, phantom stock and long term incentive plans

Sales Force – incentive and commission plans

Work Force – incentive and equity plans

Base Wage Design – competitive analysis, job evaluation, job classification, pay structure

Performance Management

Employee performance planning, objectives, appraisal systems, training, incentive programs and coaching.

Legal Compliance Audits, Consulting, Training

Wage and hour overtime, EEO

Arbitration/Arbitrator Services

HR and wage related issues (e.g. employment, IRS, divorce, shareholder disputes, accident)

About Personnel Systems

Ms. Ding has been a consultant since 1978 and has worked for several major personnel management and training consulting firms

Areas of Expertise

Compensation, Personnel Management, Expert Witness Testimony, H1-B Wage Determination, and Personnel Computer Systems.

Speaking & Training

Mae Lon Ding is a professional speaker, instructor, and consultant who can help you with succinct and insightful analysis of the issues.


HR Management, Consultant Associations, Business, Job Search, Forensic, Pay Statistics, and Benefits.