H-1B Wage Determination Services

Personnel Systems Associates can help employers and immigration attorneys expedite the filing process for H-1B specialty occupation visas by providing them with a prevailing wage determination and related survey data necessary for the “Labor Condition Application”. An H-1B petition cannot be properly filed without prior Labor Department approval of the labor condition application. Employers are free to use an independent wage survey as evidence for this determination.

Research and Compilation of Published Survey Sources

We are experts in finding sources of published employee compensation and benefits survey data. We publish a directory of over 1,500 pay and benefits surveys (see below). We will research sources of data for specific industries, jobs, and locations. Then we will acquire and compile pay data resulting in a prevailing wage determination. The average time to complete this type of a project is 2-3 weeks. This is often a significant time savings over the state employment agency time frames. The cost for this type of work depends on the cost of acquiring survey data and the difficulty of obtaining the survey data.

Custom Prevailing Wage Surveys

For unusual jobs and unusual locations, a custom pay survey may be necessary. We can conduct surveys in any industry. We survey employers with similar jobs as the applicant. We try to locate employers in the same geographic region and industry. We compare pay based on the employee’s type and scope of job duties, not job title alone. The average time to complete this type of a project is 6-8 weeks. The cost for custom surveys depends on the number of employers to be surveyed, the difficulty of obtaining cooperation form other employers in the survey process, the number of geographic areas to be covered, the amount of employer involvement in the survey process, and the number of job titles to be surveyed. The charges for a custom survey usually range from $10,000 to $20,000.


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