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Mae Lon Ding, President of Personnel Systems Associates, can be retained as an arbitrator in the following types of cases:

  • personal injury and workers compensation cases involving determination
    of lost wages and benefits due to injury or death
  • corporate taxation cases involving IRS disallowances of “reasonable compensation” for executives in closely held corporations
  • divorce cases involving reasonable employee compensation for spouse
    working in family owned business

She brings a unique perspective and knowledge of pay, personnel, and employment practices to a case based on her experiences as an expert witness and consultant. She is a nationally recognized expert in the survey and design of employee wages and benefits and has been a consultant in human resources management for over 35 years. She has been a university instructor, has had articles published in many professional journals, has been a speaker at national conferences, and is author of a book that has been used by virtually every major consulting firm in her profession. She has been quoted in the Orange County Register, the Chicago Tribune, and Working Woman Magazine. Her experience “in the trenches” with actual business practices combined with a masters degree in business gives her financial analysis skills, industry analysis skills, and a unique knowledge of industry pay and benefits practices.

Ms. Ding’s work as an expert witness with plaintiffs and defendants includes cases involving major national organizations, such as Pacific Bell, Boeing Corporation, and City of Long Beach. Law firms she has successfully worked with include Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro; Littler, Mendelson, Contos & Bunch; and Sanders, Barnet, Jacobson, Goldman & Mosk. As an arbitrator, Ms. Ding can make determinations concerning the following:

What is the value of past and future lost wages and benefits due to personal injury or death?

What were the employment opportunities for the plaintiff following injury or termination?

What is a reasonable length of time it should take the plaintiff to find employment given a specific occupation and industry?

Is the corporation’s pay level for executives “reasonable” and reflective of “going market rates” for similar work and qualifications?

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