Client Testimonials

"Mae Lon Ding's presentation to my CEO Group was very informative, professionally done and of high value to the Group. Her presentation, to include the question answer period, was clear, succinct and well prepared. I certanily would use her again given an opportunity."

Dr. Robert M. Canady, D.B.A.
Pepperdine University

"It is worth the wait! Thank you for a great business and APL affirming presentation. So many great thoughts throughout, and incredibly practical for the real world of consulting."

Shannon Barnes, Senior Advisor
The Edge Group

"Mae Lon is a consummate professional. Her consulting work and support has helped to strategically position the compensation and total rewards direction in various industries and scenarios. I have relied upon her for wage and hour advice that has assisted with assuring the Human Resources direction is sound and equitable for employees"

Lorna Larsen-Paugh, Vice President HR Global
Elan Pharmaceuticals

"The incentive plan works great! I have the best numbers in the industry for productivity."

"I have known Mae Lon for about 10 years. She is very studious, conscientious, flexible and an expert on HR matters. After 10 years, we are still using the compensation system she helped us create. That system literally puts Alvaka Networks technical professional staff consistently into the top 95 percentile for productivity making us twice as profitable as our competitors."

Oli Thordarson, CEO
Alvaka Networks

"Let me introduce a highly skilled compensation consultant. Mae Lon Ding is in my TEC Associates group, has worked with several TEC companies and is regarded as one of the best in the business."

David Rohlander, DGR Communications (former TEC Chair)

"It gives me great pleasure to introduce and highly recommend the consulting services of Mae Lon Ding. As a result of Ms. Ding's involvement, the implementation of high visibility compensation programs was smooth, the skill level of my staff was strengthened, and management's confidence in the ability of the human resources department was significantly enhanced. Ms. Ding's consultative skills, technical knowledge, practical approach, and sensitivity to time and cost constraints is exceptional."

Richard Wong, Senior Vice President
Shearson Lehman Mortgage

"I have known Mae Lon professionally for over 20 years. We worked together at 20th Century Fox Film Corp and I have referred my clients to her when they have more complex compensation needs than my human resources generalists firm provides. For exec compensation, incentive plan design, and expert witness testimony she can't be beat plus she's fun to work with!"

Bob Holmes,President
Strategic Management Group

"We contracted with Mae Lon for two compensation related consulting projects and have found her work to be extremely thorough, well thought out and with a strong basis of knowledge and experience across multiple industries. Mae Lon was enthusiastic, energetic, professional and always met deadlines and deliverable dates. We would highly recommend Mae Lon for HR and compensation related projects."

Jeff Trower, General Sales Manager
Data Air, Inc

"I recommend Mae Lon Ding. I have known Mae Lon for many years. She has earned a strong reputation for her expertise and abilities as an effective compensation consultant She is also a recognized author and expert witness."

Beth Adkisson, Vistage Group Chair (formerly TEC)

"Mae Lon Ding is a consummate professional. She truly understands her Client's needs and challenges. Mae Lon has an ability to provide state of the art solutions to each project she interfaces with."

Michelle Rochwarger, President
Strategic Resources Alliance, Inc.

"Ms. Ding's expertise enabled us to develop and bring on-line our human resources systems much faster, and at a higher efficiency...Her creative and technical suggestions resulted in significant savings to the company."

Henri Van Adelsberg, Vice President Human Resources
National Education Corporation

"From inception to completion, Mae Lon worked diligently and thoroughly with all levels of employees...I would welcome another opportunity to use Mae Lon as a personnel consultant."

Sally McCorgary, Vice President Personnel
Wells Fargo Mortgage Co.

"Thank you very much for your assistance in guiding us in the development of TDK's salaried compensation program. Your clear and simple explanations of technical compensation concepts, your straight forward and honest advice, and good judgments on when to press forward and when to allow time, very quickly won you the respect and confidence of my management team. We are very pleased with the results of the project."

Jill Gray, Director, General Affairs
TDK Electronics Corporation

"Mae Lon is great! She always does a nice job."

Ann Johnson, Senior Manager Leadership Development

"First class compensation consultant. The company provides comprehensive research and recommendations for compensation levels of employees and key executives."

Rachel Owens, Owner
Succession Strategies

"My experience with Mae Lon and Personnel Systems Associates in assisting our organization with creating solid and competitive salary ranges was very good. She and her colleagues do a thorough job and continue to "tweak" the work to meet the client's needs. I would highly recommend Mae Lon and her team with the services they provide.

Laura Martinez, VP HR

"I've known Mae Lon for approximately 20 years, and she still continues to impress me! She is practical, efficient, and creative, offering clients a wealth of experience and solid compensation expertise. She is client focused, offering quality services and timely project completion. I've referred her services on several occasions and clients are always delighted with the results."

Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D., President at N.E. Fried and Associates DBA
The Learning Engine

"My clients have been absolutely delighted with Mae Lon's leadership and direction building high performance compensations processes at all levels. Mae Lon's leadership and confidence in interacting with senior executives is second to none."

Steve Puente, President, Puente HR (former Vice President of Human Resources)
Kraft Foods

"Mae Lon is seen as an expert by her peers. All of my clients have been thrilled with her results. She tells the hard truth of what is needed to achieve the objectives. Her sense of humor and interpersonal intelligence allows her to work with a wide variety of personality styles and organizational cultures. I highly recommend Mae Lon and her company's work."

Brett Miles, Owner
Milestones, Inc.

"Mae Lon is a true professional who has a vast amount of knowledge about Human Resources and Compensation. She has given talks to professional groups which have all been well received. If you need help with a compensation problem, Mae Lon should most definitely be contacted. I would recommend her with no reservations."

William Groenekamp, Executive Recruiter
Groenekamp and Associates

"Mae Lon is a dedicated professional with deep experience. Her work ethic and integrity are among the best in the field. She will meet the client's needs and provide exceptional skill and expertise."

Tim Trujillo, Consultant
HR Focus (Sole Proprietorship)

"I worked with Mae Lon when she did compensation consulting work for our company a few years ago. I found her to be very professional, her knowledge current, and her overall work superb. I would not hesitate to use her again and would recommend her to anyone needing her services."

Linda Garrett, Manager of Employment & Staffing
Paramount Petroleum Corporation

"Mae Lon is a highly competent, effective professional. I referred an unreasonable compensation project to her for the Red Cross and she did an outstanding job. I have known her for nearly 20 years and know her to be diligent, honest, and highly client-focused."

Elizabeth Fried, Ph.D., President at N.E. and Associates DBA
The Learning Engine

"Mae Lon is a sought after advisor and consultant. In the time I have been associated with her as a consultant and in professional organizations, she has been a shining example of integrity and professionalism.

David Kinnear, CEO at dbkAssociates, Inc

"Thanks so much for your information and expert advice! I really appreciate your time and thoughts."

Karen Klein, Small Business Columnist
Business Week Online

"A very competent consultant who fulfills her responsibilities both efficiently and effectively. I have no problem recommending her in the area of compensation for all organizational levels and a wide variety of company types."

Director Employee Relations & Compensation
Memorial Medical Center

" When we needed assistance in developing an incentive plan for our high tech company, we called upon Mae Lon's expertise. She and her staff worked directly with me (Sr. HR Director) and our CEO to understand our needs,design an effective plan, and financially model it so we knew that it would pay for itself. She did a great job on the project and taught us the finer details of incentive plans. "

Linda Duffy, HR Director

Last Updated: 1/5/12