What Others Have to Say
About Mae Lon Ding - Expert Witness

"Judge Brown granted our motion to decertify the salary equity and promotion claims, and granted summary judgment to us on the overtime claims ... I am convinced that your report at the class certification stage was among the bases for the court declining to certify a class on the disparate treatment claims in the first place, which was a watershed development in the case, enabling us to focus on disparate impact arguments."

Geoff Weirich
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker

"I had researched well over two dozen other "compensation experts" before I found you, and during our initial interview I became very impressed with your work, your poise, your knowledge and ability to represent your findings assertively and knowledgeably. Your hands-on control of every aspect of the research, your knowledge of the sources needed to verify results, your thoroughness in investigating every possible avenue and your determination to let no fact go unexamined helped build a very strong case and was one of the key factors in helping settle a highly contentious multi-million dollar case. Furthermore, when comparing your work with that of the opposition, there was no doubt that your meticulous attention to detail and thorough knowledge of your field would have resulted in our winning the issue "hands down"."

Alexandra Leichter
Law Offices of Alexandra Leichter

"The jurors...all rated your testimony as excellent. In particular, they (as well as I) were very impressed with your credentials and your complete mastery of the difficult economic issues in this case. Moreover, the jurors were very impressed with your ability to withstand the barrage of cross-examination questions . Several jurors felt that your testimony was particularly persuasive in helping them decide this case in our favor. I couldn't agree more."

Lester L. Jones
Littler, Mendelson

"Over the past twenty-four years, I have worked with many expert witnesses in a variety of business litigation matters. None have been as responsive, as prepared, and as helpful as you were in this case. Without qualification, you were truly an expert in the personnel issues involved in this case."

Bernard P. Simons
Sanders, Barnet, Jacobson, Goldman & Mosk

"Your forensic presentation was overwhelming. Your testimony was organized, understandable and compelling. I have always felt that when an expert witness has the confidence to help opposing counsel ask his questions, that they must know what they are doing."

Thomas C. Watts
Watts & Gray, LLP

"It was a difficult case in several respects. You did a fine job in analyzing the facts and providing expert opinions including the basis for them. I would certainly use your expert services again and would recommend you highly to other attorneys."

Bruce M. Bunch
Contos & Bunch

Last modified: 11/28/04