Personnel Systems Associates provides expert unbiased advice in all areas of automated personnel records and reporting systems. Our objectivity is enhanced by the fact that we do not sell software or hardware and we do not accept referral fees or commissions from manufacturers and vendors. Our experts come from a human resources management background combined with extensive training and experience in the computer field, so we understand the needs of the personnel department. Our consultants have taught personnel systems classes for major universities such as the University of California and have been asked to speak on the topic nationwide. Articles written by our consultants have been published in Personnel and in the Journal of Compensation and Benefits.

Our consultants can translate the needs of the personnel professional into computer hardware and software specifications that can be understood by computer people. We can also review computer products and services which you are considering for purchase and tell you what you will really be getting in terms of record keeping capability, analytic capability, power, flexibility, and administrative ease. Personnel Systems Associates helps personnel people sort through the myriad of computer solutions and products to find the best answer for their company.


Last modified: 1/24/00